Overview - Litigation Finance


When faced with the challenge of expensive litigation, Nuvest works with both investors and operators to develop and fund a comprehensive litigation financing strategy. Litigation financing can be an attractive tool for managing major expenditures of litigation and hedging the risk of an adverse outcome. Nuvest maintains a select network of institutional litigation finance investors and top 50 global law firms who can provide the highest quality of services within a litigation funding framework.

What is Litigation Finance?

Litigation finance refers to a transaction in which a third-party investor, that is neither a party to a legal claim nor their legal counsel, provides capital in exchange for a financial interest in the the outcome of the legal claim. The primary feature of this form of capital is that repayment of the financing is contingent upon a successful outcome of the underlying legal claim.

How Can Litigation Financing Be Used?


Litigation financing is a tool that enable firms facing large litigation budgets to defer these costs to the successful outcome of their case—and to avoid the costs entirely if the case resolves unsuccessfully.